Lowell Wrench Co.


Lowell Wrench Co. (Lowell, MA)

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We first find the Lowell Wrench Company listed in the Eleventh Exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association, having displayed their wares and received a Bronze medal for "Moore's Triple Action Ratchet Wrench Drill."  The judges rated the tool as "well adapted to meet the demand of a cheap ratchet drill or wrench, but not quite suitable for hard service."  In 1879 John E. Sinclair of Lowell Wrench sued Quinby Backus for patent infringement by introducing their "Coggeshall wrench."  We could not locate a wrench patent by Coggeshall, but Oliver Coggeshall of Providence, RI held scores of patents for buttons and clasps.  Lowell Wrench was victorious in their lawsuit.  Of particular or peculiar note is that the court found that "Moore's use of the invention before the application for patent was not sufficient to bar his right to a patent."  This curious finding leads us to believe the Moore wrench was manufactured and in use prior to the 12/1864 patent award date.

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Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Automobile (Ratchet)
  • Multoplex (Ratchet & Socket Set)
  • Red Face (Ratchet)
  • Red Socket (Ratchet)
  • STD (Square-Shank Twist Drill Ratchet)
  • Multo Autowrench (Ratchet & Socket Set ca. 1909 - Ad Link)

​Catalog References:

  • Catalog E - 1908
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  • Catalog G - 1930