Kraeuter & Co.

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Kraeuter & Co. (Newark, NJ) - 571 18th Ave. Newark, N.J. - Vintage packaging of Kreauter tools note "Established 1860."  We have yet to find anything on Kraeuter prior to 1864, as detailed further below.

Kraeuter & Co. started in 1880 in Newark, by August Kraeuter primarily focusing on machinist tools. Arthur took over in 1902.  Countering the 1880 assertion from the article above, this is a great genealogy of the August Kraeuter, Arthur's father. It appears the company was founded officially in 1881. In addition, August is named as a partner in at least 2 companies, beginning in 1864. (Heuschkel, Kraeuter & Co. and after 5 years, Foerster & Kraeuter) August removed himself from the latter partnership in 1878, presumably to venture out on his own.

Here is a write-up from The Industrial Interests of Newark, NJ profiling Foerster & Kraeuter.  The company was founded in 1864.

Arthur A. Kraeuter co-founded the Acme Hardware Company in 1905 in Newark, N.J. along with Camille L. Hairbard and William I. Carter Jr..  Hardware Dealers Magazine also lists Kraeuter & Co as purveyors of Bonney's adjustable alligator wrench dubbed "The Victor Pliers." Acme Hardware is listed in the 1905 Iron Age Directory as manufacturers of drop forged wrenches.  Thus far, the formation of the Acme company appears to center around C. S. Bonney's patent of the adjustable alligator wrench which the Acme company was marketing aggressively at that time. Kraeuter patented a belt punch in 1902 (751,079). On October 15th of 1909, the shop of Kraeuter & Co. burnt to the ground.

On July 25, 1963, Kraeuter was purchased for cash by the Symington Wayne Co.

Kraeuter & Co. (Newark, NJ)

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Kraeuter (Pliers - Industrial, Precision, Needle Point, Electrical, Electronic, Slip Joint; Snips; Wrenches including Adjustables; Percussion Tools including Punches, Chisels and Star Drills; Accessories and Parts) (First use 1910 for Pliers; First Use not elaborated for other tools)


  • Victor (Alligator Wrenches, Pliers, Screwdriver Bits)
  • Dreadnaught (Pliers)
  • Gripall (Pliers)
  • Grip-It (Pliers)
  • Grip-Tite (Pliers)
  • Kwi-Kut (Chisels)
  • Universal (Pliers #305 combination)
  • Kraeuter (filed by Dresser Industries) (Socket Wrenches, Socket Wrench Sets, Sockets for Wrenches, Individual Sockets, Drives, Connectors and Handles; Box End Wrench Sets, Combination Wrench Sets, Open End Wrench Sets, Individual Wrenches, Ratchets, Rim Wrenches, Torque Wrenches, Hack Saws and Blades, Hex Keys and Screwdrivers) (First Use "at least" 2/1965)



Kraeuter & Co Assigned Patents

Arthur Kraeuter Patents

Key Tool Stamping Terms (stamped/forged into tools):

  • K-Diamond