Husky Wrench Co.


From Wikipedia: Husky Wrench was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on January 29, 1924 by Sigmund Mandl, who had immigrated to the United States from Czechoslovakia. By 1928, Husky had established a significant collaboration with the J.H. Williams Tool Group, with Williams distributing Husky wrenches in its mechanic's tool sets. In January 1929, the Husky name was sold to the Olsen Manufacturing Company of Kenosha, Wisconsin. The company relocated to Kenosha and changed its name to the Husky Corporation. Mandl went on to work for Blackhawk Manufacturing of Milwaukee. Sometime before 1932, the Husky name was again sold, this time to the New Britain Machine Company of New Britain, Connecticut, which was purchased by Litton Industries in the 1970s. When Litton dissolved its hand tools division in the 1980s, it sold the Husky brand (and other assets, including the Blackhawk brand) to National Hand Tool. The Stanley Works acquired the Husky brand with its 1986 acquisition of National Hand Tool. In 1992, Stanley began supplying the Husky brand exclusively to The Home Depot, and sometime later transferred the rights to the name to Home Depot.

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