Hewet, Henry Wheaton


The Hewett Improved Wrench Company (Cincinatti, OH) - Incorporated by H. W. Hewett, T. S. Michie, E. H. Carter, C. O. Resor, and J. H. Carter on 10/24/1872.

Hewet Wrench Co. (Rock Island, IL) ca. 1876 - Here is a very interesting article to read on Henry Wheaton Hewit (or more likely Hewitt).  Article is entitled "A Friend I knew."

H. W. Hewit Patent #87,774

Hewett Screw Wrench Company (Chicago, IL) - Announcement of dissolution of the company (partnership) by Henry W. Hewett and Elson T. Wright on 11/11/1875.  Mr. Hewett assumes all assets and liabilities.  This company is listed in the 1875 City Directory at 17 Canal St., and names E. T. Wright - Sec., H. W. Hewitt - Manager.