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​Related Companies (Family and/or acquisition)

  1. ​​Josiah Pratt - ca. 1830 he began manufacturing axes, edge tools, and scythe snaths in Charlemont, Massachusetts.  April 6, 1832 Patent #6989X - Machine for Making Axes - This machinery consists of what the patentee denominates hammer and anvil dies; the first kind are to be worked like a trip hammer, the last, as the name indicates, forming the anvil, or bed.  A particular description of the curvature of the faces of these dies, and of their size, is given in the specification.  The foundation of the axe from the bar of iron, is laid with one pair of dies, and another set is used for finishing.  There is no claim made; reliance being placed on the entire novelty of the whole plan  'The manner of holding the iron under the dies, and the skill of moulding the axe,' we are told, can be learnt only by observation and practice.'  The Young Mechanic, 1832.  Ca. 1843 Josiah moved his operations to Shelbourne Falls.  Retired in 1865 and passed in 1887.
  2. Josiah Pratt & Son (joined by son Franklin J.) // Josiah Pratt & Sons (joined by son Francis R.)  Francis R. Pratt (William M. Pratt's father) left Josiah's Axe company in 1862 for W. H. Maynard & Co.  He then left to manage Maynard's grain business in Worcester.  During his absence, W. H. Maynard & Co. was succeeded by the H. S. Shepardson & Co.  Francis returned in 1872 and became Shepardson's superintendent.  Shepardson passed in 1876 and the company was purchased by H. H. Mayhew.  Francis became assistant treasurer of H. H. Mayhew in 1886.  Mayhew passed in 1894 and Francis became Treasurer.  Later, in 1898 his son, William M. Pratt, purchased a controlling interest in Albert Goodell's Goodell Tool Co. In 1899, the name was changed to Goodell-Pratt by the board.  in 1907, and Francis became VP. 
  3. Pratt Drop Forge & Tool Company - Named when William M. Pratt purchased controlling interest in Ducharmes & Company of Shelbourne Falls.  His father Francis was a Director.
  4. In 1890, William M. Pratt took the position of Secretary of H. H. Mayhew.  He left in 1892 to become sales manager for Wells Brothers. 
  5. In the early 1900's, Pratt purchased the Goodell, Son & Co. saw business.
  6. Also in 1900, William organized the Massachusetts Tool Co. to make precision tools as a subsidiary to Goodell-Pratt.  Goodell-Pratt fully absorbed the company in 1912.
  7. In 1901, the Massachusetts Tool Co purchased the Coffin & Leighton Co. of Syracuse, highly regarded for their precision rulers.
  8. In 1904, Goodell-Pratt purchased the line of "spirit levels" from C. F. Richardson & Son when it was purchased by Oliver & Whitney.  In 1905, Goodell-Pratt sold the level rights to Starrett.