Gifford Pipe Wrench Co.


The Gifford Pipe Wrench Company (Kittery, ME) - Organized 11/8/1899 to acquire "the Gifford Patents" and manufacture wrenches.  Organized by James S. Wilson - Pres., and C. W. Wilson - Treas.

The Sanitary & Heating Age from 11/18/1899 also carries the organizational announcement of the week prior, and adds Mr. F. E. Sands to the list of organizers.

"Gifford" patents refers to Jireh C. Gifford of Cambridge, MA.  Patents include:

* Possibly refers to W. S. Quinby Co. - Fitchburg


Example of a Gifford Patent #627,075 ​strap wrench from The Wrenching News 2017 York auction listing.