Ewer Wrench Co.


Ewer Wrench & Tool Company // Ewer Wrench Company (Detroit & Howell, MI) - The Detroit Free Press of 7/30/1909 carries the announcment of the company charter.  The August 13,1910 edition of the Detroit Free Press announces the Incorporation of the "Ewer Wrench & Tool Manufacturing Company.  Here is a link to a picture on Flickr of the factory and it's employees at Howell, MI.  We are unsure of the date of the photo.

Malcom G. Ewer Patent #833,516 - Pipe-Wrench

On August 16, 1910, M. G. Ewer was granted his second wrench Patent #967,355 which we believe prompted the formation of the Ewer Wrench Company.  However, M. G. Ewer is listed in The Automobile Trade Directory for wrenches in 1906.  This Michigan Dept. of Labor Report suggests the factory of the Ewer Wrench & Tool Co. factory in Detroit was inspected on October 29th of 1910.  The Michigan Manufacturer & Financial Record of 8/13/1910 reports that the Ewer Wrench & Tool Co. will move from Detroit to Howell.  This snippet announcement from a 1910 edition of Iron Trade Review announces the incorporation of Ewer Wrench & Tool Co.  Here is an advertisement from October, 1911 for the Ewer Wrench.

Although only a snippet, this 1912 edition of Railway Review has an article noting the officers elected as a result of it's annual meeting.  Malcolm G. Ewer - Pres., Frederick Seagraves - VP, Stephen K.? Hartnell? - Sec. & Treas.  It also adds Fred E. Tallmadge and John S. Shields, along with the officers, as Directors.  It also notes that Ewer, Tallmadge and Hartnel? are directors of the Ewer Sales Co. which takes the entire output of the wrench production, as well as markets the Ewer automatic car seal (Patent #1,011,766).

The Michigan Manufacturer & Financial Record of 8/7/1920 reports the company's new factory will begin operations about August 10th.​  We believe the company started in Lansing ca. 1913 and the previously noted article is from Howell, MI.  Malcolm G. Ewer received Patent #833,516 on 10/16/1906 for a pipe wrench.  Please see Detroit Wrench Company above.

This edition of the Michigan Manufacturer & Financial Record indicates the company is failing and considering offering the factory for sale on May 8.