Ellrich HW Mfg. Co.


Ellrich Hardware Manufacturing Company (Plantsville, CT) - Incorporated 1/17/1883 and dissolved officially in 1905.  Founded by Robert C. Ellrich.  This "snippet" view of Commemorative Biographical Record of Hartford County, CT notes that the company was founded in 1881 and the principals were: George S. Allen, T. Atwater Barnes, Sherman Blakeslee and Robert C. Ellrich.  We should probably note that Blakeslee and Allen were principals in the Blakeslee Forging Company during this time as well.

Mr. Ellrich had patents assigned to Peck, Stow & Wilcox both before and after the life of his hardware company.

The April 19, 1884 edition of Iron Age notes that Peck, Stow & Wilcox have acquired the patent rights for Ellrich & Hart saw sets and have begun production.

DATAMP Patents assigned to "Ellrich Hardware Manufacturing Company"

DATAMP Patents assigned to "Ellrich Hardware Co."

DATAMP Patents for Robert C. Ellrich