Efficiency Device Corp.


Efficiency Device Corp. (New York, NY) - Incorporated 2/14/1919 to produce "Factory Supplies" by C. R. Tock (Flushing), Henry A. Tremaine (Cleveland), and W. O. Vivarttas (NJ).  See the DATAMP link below for Mr. Vivarttas' extensive list of inventions.  Mr. Tremaine appears to have been a prolific business investor.  He was Treasurer of the Peerless Motor Car Company, which became the Peerless Truck and Motor Corp. in 1915, Mr. Tremaine becoming Sec./Treas., National Lamp Works (General Electric), Trafolite Mfg. Co., Bond Clothing Co., Kelvinator and, as far as we can tell, scores more.  The final mentions we found for this company are from 1922, with no hint to it's disposition.  However, it is worth noting that the Stix-On TM was awarded in August of 1922 and that Mr. Vivarttas was the applicant.

William O. Vivarttas - Patent #1,276,596 - Work Holding Device

William O. Vivarttas - Patent #1,468,529 - Wrench

DATAMP Patents for William Vivarttas

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Efficiency (Adjustables)
  • Stix-On (Pipe/work holding) NOTE: Notice how closely this resembles the Snap-On logo of the time.