Eagle Claw Wrench Co.


There is not much known about the Eagle Claw Wrench Company.  Nearest we can tell is they were formed sometime in 1910 or 1911, which is when the first mentions of the company surface.  According to the St. Louis Globe of 1/21/1912, they filed articles of incorporation in Illinois on 1/20 for manufacturing and dealing tools and machinery implements.  Incorporators are listed as Charles J. Burgess, M. D. Walworth, and William Brown. (These 3 gentlemen were very active investors of new ventures in Chicago.  We find them starting investment brokerages, dress making and paint companies, and many real estate endeavors.) 

Their first patent was in 1912.  The latest advertisement we see for the company during our searches is 1919.  However, the Chronical of Early American Industries Association does provide a snippet indicating that Eagle Claw was acquired by the Mechanics Machine Company (organized in 1891) which ultimately in 1928 became Borg-Warner.  We do find newspaper advertisements by A. Palmer Co. in 1928 selling the DASCO Eagle Claw Wrench.

Notice the TM below.  Mr. Schlehr was also co-founder of the Safety Nut-Lock Company in October of 1904.

Napoleon Grandchamp and Joseph Schlehr Patent #740,553 - Bolt Holder - Assigned to Joseph Schlehr.

Eagle Claw Wrench Co. Patents in DATAMP

Note: DATAMP patents for Mr. Schlehr are listed under Joseph A. Schlehr (2) and Joseph Anthony Schlehr (5).

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