Dudly Tool Co.


Dudley Tool Co. / Dudley Manufacturing Co. (1921) (Menominee, MI)​ - The earliest indications of a Dudly company come from an August, 1895 newspaper article noting that

Albert Dudly, a Menominee, Mich. bicycle repairer, has constructed a light roadster and will endeavor to form a company for its manufacture.

By 1898, newspapers refer to Mr. Dudly as "Menominee Businessman."

Trade Names, Brands and Trademarks

  • Dudley (Wrenches)

Incorporation notice from the Engineering Review of October, 1905.  It lists Herman Heinrichs, Albert Dudley Sr., and William Green as principals.  The 8/15/1905 edition of The Green Bay Gazette reports that Herman Heinrichs has left his position with the Morley-Murphy Hardware Company to take over as President of the Dudly Tool Company, formerly known as the A. Dudly Manufacturing Company.  The article also acknowledges Mr. Greene(sp).  By 1914, the company is making cycle cars.  For those with access to Newspapers.com, here is an interesting article about a retiree in 1963 recalling the cycle car's design and production.  Upper Peninsula of Michigan: A History also notes the Dudly Tool Company several times.

Albert Dudly (note spelling) Patent #669,742 - Wrench (spelled Dudley in 1901 Gazette)

Albert Dudly Design Patent #D34,901 - Slide piece for wrenches

Albert Dudly Design Patent #D35,421 - Wrench Stock

Albert Dudly (note spelling) Sr. Patent #754,754 - Nail Extractor

Albert Dudly (note spelling) Sr.​ Patent #1,003,997 - Wrench

Albert Dudly (note spelling) Sr.​​ Patent #842,165 - Spike Puller - Assigned to Dudly Tool Co.