Detroit Wrench Co.


Detroit Wrench Company (Detroit, MI) - The Michigan Annual Report has the company charter as September, 1906.  The October, 1908 edition of Engineering Review carries the announcement of the formation of the company to manufacturer the Ewer line of wrenches.  Officers noted in this article are: Charles S. Tolsma - Pres., M. G. Ewer - VP and GM, and Walter G. Toepel - Sec. & Treas.

A July 1908 newspaper article announces a stockholder meeting to take place.  The notice contains reference to 3 gentlemen at the bottom: M. G. Ewer (see Ewer Wrench Company below), Chas. S. Tolsma, and W. G. Toepel.

On August 16, 1910, M. G. Ewer was granted his second wrench Patent #967,355 which we believe prompted the formation of the Ewer Wrench Company (see below).

Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Ewer (Pipe / Nut Wrenches)