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The Cornwell Tools Co. was established circa August of 1919 in Cayahoga Falls, OH with $50,000 of capital stock.

B. L. Coleman - President; Eugene Cornwell - Vice-President; H. L. Wandschneider - Secretary, Treasurer & General Manager

A report to the Secretary of State dated 1920 also mentions a C. L. Barnes, but indicates no position or title.

A recently obtained article from the Akron Library (dated 8/11/1967) profiles the life of the philanthropic Frank Kemmerline.  It identifies Kemmerline as a major investor in Cornwell at the time of its founding in 1919.  The article also states that by 1924, Kemmerline was Treasurer and General Manager and moved the company to Mogadore shortly after becoming GM.  Further, the article states that Kemmerline donated the 2 acres upon which the Mogadore Cornwell factory was built.

As a result of this new information on Mr. Kemmerline, as well as the snippet of the formation of the Titan-Rite Co. by Coleman and Cornwell, we believe and assert that Kemmerline & Ingersoll took over operations of Cornwell in 1924, at which point Eugene Cornwell moved on to other business, no longer having a role in the Cornwell company, except perhaps as an investor.

The 1926 Year Book of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers appears to list a Chas B. Ingersoll as President of Cornwell Quality Tools Co.  He is still listed as President in the 1928 edition.

The December 21, 1956 Edition of the Akron Beacon

The newspaper reports Mr. Kemmerline's retirement at age 74 and a "new team at the healm" of Cornwell operations.  The article notes he has been with Cornwell for 36 years (1920) and states that Mr. Kemmerline will stay on as Director and Chairman of the Board.  The article goes on to note that C. B. Ingersoll Sr. (age 72) has also resigned as President but will remain as Director.  The following is identified as the new management team:

  • Charles M. Zust - President & General Manager (former head of the Charles M. Zust Co. industrial management consultants and active consultant to Cornwell, as well as Chairman of the Executive Committee and a Director for the prior 2 1/2 years)
  • E. Arthur Kemmerline - Treasurer (Former VP, brother of J. F. Kemmerline and Cornwell veteran of 20 years.)
  • Robert C. Brouse - Secretary (Served as a Director at Cornwell since 1954)
  • Clifford E. Rickel - Controller and Assistant Treasurer (former Assistant Treasurer)
  • Kenneth H. Hulbert - VP Sales (Former General Sales Manager)
  • C. B. Ingersoll Jr. - Head of new product development and new Member of the Executive Committee

The article also notes many of Frank Kemmerline's achievements and affirms he will be acting in a consulting capacity.  His achievements as noted in the article include:

  • Instrumental in the early introduction of alloy steels to the industry;
  • Director of the Mogadore Savings Bank;
  • VP & Director of Permanent Federal Savings & Loan Association of Akron;
  • President of the Board of Trustees during construction of Green Cross Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls;
  • Trustee East Akron Board of Trade;
  • Member of Village Council of Mogadore;
  • Chairman of the Mogadore Sewer and Water Committee;
  • Along with his brother Arthur, planned developed and operated the Mogadore Knolls Golf Club.

While not tool related, it is interesting to note here that in 1964, the House Committee on Banking and Currency / Subcommittee on Domestic Finance published a report naming Frank Kemmerline as one of the "Twenty Largest Stockholders of Record in Member Banks of the Federal Reserve System."

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