Coes Wrench Co.


Worcester, MA - According to his obituary, Loring Coes invented his first wrench in 1828.  His first patent however is dated 1941. An advertisement in an 1899 edition of Hardware magazine claims Coes Wrench Co. was established in 1839.

The merger of the L. Coes & Co. and A. G. Coes & Co., forming the Coes Wrench Company, is announced in the 8/2/1888 edition of Iron Age.

At some point in the early 1900s, Coes was acquired by Bemis & Call.  On 2/28/1939 the acquisition of the wrench lines of Bemis & Call and Coes by Billings & Spencer is announced.  It was also reported that Bemis & Call would continue manufacturing locks resulting from their acquisition of the Sesamee Lock Co. of Hartford a few months prior.

Brands, Trade Names & Trademarks

  • The Genuine Coes Screw Wrench - (Screw Wrenches) (No First Use Given) (Filed by Aury G. and John H Coes, for the A. G. Coes & Co.) (Registered 7/4/1871)


  • COES - Block Text (Wrenches) (First Use 1873 by Predecessor L. Coes & Co.)
  • Micro-Ground (Machine Blades or Knives) (First Use May, 1895 by Loring Coes & Company)


  • MICRO-GROUND (Knives & Cutters for Cutting and Shearing Machines) (First Use December, 1896 by Loring Coes & Co.)


  • MICRO-GROUND (Machine Knives consisting of flat or plate blades with square, concave, or beveled edges) (First Use December, 1896)


  • "Knife-Handle" - Hyphenated with underscore, Block Text (Adjustable Screw Wrenches) (First Use 2/1885 by Predecessor L. Coes & Co.)


  • Hammer Handle - (Adjustable Screw-Wrenches) (First Use 8/1/1904)


  • 91 - text inside a Star (Adjustable Screw Wrenches, including a style of such wrenches constructed entirely of steel) (See page 238 of Link) (No First Use Date Located)


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