Allen Wrench & Tool


Incorporated in 1913 by F. R. Allen, W. E Davis, and W. H Thornley, we do find earlier references.  This 1910 factory inspection register lists Allen Wrench & Tool in Providence, RI. 

Allen Wrench and Tool's beginnings seem to be born out of their patent #1000878 for the Allen Friction Wrench, a gearless ratchet design.  The patent by F. R. Allen was filed on 12/20/1910 and awarded 8/15/1911.  Shortly thereafter on 6/18/1914, Allen filed his second patent for the Allen "Universal" ratchet, patent #1261092.  The ratchet features a clever "gimbal" type head allowing the drive to engage at offset angles.  We have an example that can be found here.

Mr. Allen did not simply invent tools, we have found other inventions accredited to him including a Stamp Affixing Machine, a Floor Surfacing Machine, a Clutch Mechanism, and various improvements to components of the aforementioned machines.

Besides their Universal and Friction products, Allen also offered the Allen Eureka socket set which included 5 small sockets and a ratchet.  An example can be seen here.

Allen Wrench & Tool was assigned it's final patent #1,480,355 for a Holder for Tools on 1/8/1924.  No further information on the disposition of the company has yet been found.

Allen Wrench & Tool Co. (Providence, RI) - Sub Brands / Trade Names / Trademarks

  • Allen Eureka (Socket Wrenches, Ratchet) (1916-1922)
  • Allen Friction (Socket Wrenches, Ratchet) (1913-1922)
  • Allen Universal (Ratchet Wrenches & Wrench Sets) (1915-1922)