American Plierench Corp.



The American Plierench Corporation was incorporated in 1932 at 4809 North Ashland avenue in Chicago.  The incorporation notice notes that they are to manufacture machinery.  Their first patent for the famous Plierench was filed 12/31/1927 and awarded June 14, 1932 with patent number 1862817.  Prior to this time, this tool was marketed as the Eifel-Flash Plierench and sold by the Flash Sales Corp.  The Union Labor Directory of 1922 contains a nice 1/2 page ad explaining the Eifel-Flash Plierench.  These pliers, often sold as "kits" with interchangeable jaws, were marketed up to at least 1966.

We were able to dig up information indicating that Joseph Eifel, the inventor of the Plierench was wounded and labeled missing in action in France during WWI in 1918.  At that time he was 27 years of age.  Prior to the war, Eifel was a moulder at the Bass Foundry & Machine Co. of Fort Wayne.