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While I made every attempt to reconstitute the original Tool Archives site, I was not able to do so.  Currently, we are rebuilding the entire site, reintegrating former content, and building new tools to better assist the user in finding what they're looking for.  Please bear with us as we rebuild the Tool Archives in a better, faster, more logical and interactive site for tool history and documentation.

Welcome to The Tool Archives.  This website has been established in order to provide a community venue for discussing, validating and updating the history of Hand Tools, Power Tools, Vises, and Tool Storage Solutions.  It is meant to become a "living history," continually update by you, the community.  Please register to contribute to our effort.  Once registered, you will notice a Comment section at the bottom of every page and article.  Please use these comments to discuss errors or make suggestions on how to improve the registry and content.  This site is fully indexed and searchable.  Enjoy the site, contribute as often or as little as you wish, and come back often as our content changes all the time.  And now, a couple disclaimers:


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