Desmond-Stephan Manufacturing Company

Urbana, OH - A patent announcement in the April, 1904 edition of Metal Industry notes a patent for an Emery Dresser by John Desmond, doing business as this company with co-partners Charles H> Stephan, George W. Stephan, and Henry Stephan.

The History of Champaign County, OH circa 1919 reports that the company "came to Urbana around 1900" and George McConnell is President and C. N. Koehler is Treasurer.  This article also notes that Desmond & Stephan sold to McConnell but does not identify the date of the sale.

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1923 Simplex Tool Company of Woonsocket came to market with the "Simplex Gray" bench vise. The claimed improvement was the all steel slide which would eliminate breakage. 

1931 the company was taken over by the similarly named Simplex Corporation who continued production of the vises. 

1939 ? first reference to Desmond owning the name
    The Desmond-    Stephan Mfg. Co., Urbana, Ohio, has recently brought out two new     Simplex .

1964 Sold by Desmond Stephan to The Ridge Tool Co (RIDGID is a trade name of Ridge) - (Ridge became part of Emerson in 1966)

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SIMPLEX BENCH VISE A bench vise known as the "Simplex Gray" is made by the Simplex Tool Co., Woonsocket, R. I. The particular feature of this vise is the fact that it is provided with an all-steel slide for the purpose of eliminating breakage.
1923 Machinery - Volume 30 -- Page 485

The square thread screw is machine cut and is retained in place by a cap in front of the sliding jaw, which eliminates the necessity of coring the inside of the vise for a collar. The Simplex Gray, as it is called, is made in sizes of from 3 to 7 in. 
1924 Motor Transport - Page 103

Vise Has All Steel Slide The Simplex Tool Co., Woonsocket, R- I- has placed on the market a vise having an all steel slide. The body of the vise is cast of special crucible metal and the jaws are made of fine grade steel hardened and ground.
1924 The Iron Trade Review - Volume 74 - Page 426

Simplex Corporation, Woonsocket, R. I., has taken over the Simplex Tool Co. The new company will specialize in the manufacture of the Simplex line of steel slide vises developed by the old company in 1924. 
1931 Machinery - Volume 38 page 80
We thank you for your interest in our Simplex Vises. We made a number of models from the small utility vise to the larger industrial models. We sold this division to the Ridge Tool Company in Elyria, Ohio back in 1964. They are now part of Emerson Electric. I have enclosed several pages out of our catalog published at that time.

We started making these vises back in 1929, and sold them through the industrial supply distributors. Hope this information is of some help

Very Truly,
The Desmond Stephan MFG. Co.

R.B.McConnell President