Other Blue Point wrench sets

There were lots of Blue Point wrench sets, so it is hard to collect them all. Just pick what you like and add some more later. Below are some sets.

Image Description: 

Supreme open end wrenches. Model numbers S-xxxx First show up in the 1934 catalog with eight pieces, and end in the 1960 cat with 29 pieces. Not a big collector of these, there are different types. Below is a set from the late 30's. missing one wrench.

Image 2 Description: 

J series short open end wrenches. First show up in the 1933 catalog with four pieces, added the J-2022 in 1935, Last seen in the 58 cat.

Image 2: 
Image 3 Description: 

Blue Point X-xxxx series. Double End offset Boxockets. First show up in the 37 cat with 10 pieces and are last seen in the 1946 cat with. 19 pieces. Note. some of the same model numbers show up in the 29 cat, double end with no offset.
this set is late 1930's

Image 3: 
Image 4 Description: 

Blue Point midget boxocket wrenches, double end offset. Model numbers XI-xxxx. Were made in four model numbers. First show up in the 1935 cat, are last seen as Blue Point in the 48 cat.
Set below is late 1930's

Image 4: 
Image 5 Description: 

Blue Point Half Moon Boxocket wrenches. Model numbers CX-xxxx. The first one to show up is in the 32 cat. , Model CX1820. The CX2224 shows up in the 37 and the CX2024 makes its debut in the 39 cat. There is a CX1416 in the 41. The CX1416 also is in the 50-52 cat, but the 2224 is dropped. The Blue Point Half Moons are last shown in the 53 cat.
Below. Bottom: CX1820 with a 32 code. Note that the middle of the handle is sort of round, later they are more flat.
Middle CX2024 with a 39 code
Top CX2224 with a 37 code

Image 5: 
Image 6 Description: 

Blue Point Curved "S" Boxocket wrenches. Only three different ones. First show up in the 34 cat and are last shown in the 39 cat.
The ones below all have a 34 code.

Image 6: 
Image 7 Description: 

Blue Point XDxxxx series double boxend wrenches 15 degree offset. These were made for a long time, show up in the 32 cat, last seen as Blue Point in the 63 cat. About 17-20 different ones

Image 7: 
Image 8 Description: 

Blue Point double box end ratcheting wrenches.. The No. 75 shows up in the 32 and 33 cats. in 34 the 76 and 77 were added. In 37 the 77 was dropped and the 79 was added.. In 42-45 just the 75 an 76 were shown. All four were in the 46-48 cats.

Image 8: