Fairmount Wrench Examples

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Although they manufactured an extensive line of all types of wrenches they did not make their own ratchets, breaker bars, speed wrenches or sockets. The socket tools were contracted to New Britain Machine and Wright Tool. It is not known what time frames were assigned to either manufacturer. They were also noted for making numerous variations of wrench styles. Example see the 5 different combination wrench designs in photo 002-1.

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V style Throat Fairmount Wrenches

Angle wrenches from 11/32 [3710A] to 1” [3720]. I believe that these and their ignition wrenches were the only ones that were made with the “V” style open end throat. Also, they may have supplied these for Mac as well as other tool companies.
The ignition wrenches [shown] go from 7/32 to 3/8”

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Fairmount Flare Wrenches

Set of flare wrenches from 3/8 [4112] to 1-3/16 [4136]
2nd Picture is an example of different style flare wrenches made by Fairmount
Then an example of some larger flare combo’s 1-1/8 No 36, 1-1/16 No 34 & ¾ No 24

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Industrial Finish

A set of Industrial finished combinations. 3/8 [1160] to 3/4 [1166]

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Two examples of Fairmount's auto wrenches. Top 11" then a 9"

also a 6" adjustable open end wrench with an industrial finish

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