Other Blue Points tools

Other tools were made with the Blue Points name, hammers, valve tools, feeler gauges and a few oddballs. I have not seen a wood handle screw driver with a Blue Points trademark, so if you have one post a picture.

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Blue Points rulers. These show in the 29 Cat. There is probably one for each branch, so there would be like 26 different ones. They had a case that you could buy also. Notice the Canada ruler has Made in USA on it, I wonder if all the tools shipped to Canada had this.

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Detail of rulers

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Blue Points valve lifter. Also has the makers name: Sunnen Products, St. Louis Mo.

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Blue Points valve spring compressor.

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Blue Points ball pein hammers, came in various sizes. Note: sometimes listed as Ball Peen.

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No. 050 offset screw driver.

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Blue Points shim tape. came in different thickness sizes. not sure what cat this is in.

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Blue Points tool box. This has Blue Point pullers in it.

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