Columbian Hardware Co / Columbian Vise & Manufacturing Co.


This article from the 4/10/1905 edition of Hardware notes that The Van Wagoner & Williams Hardware Company, owners of the Trenton Vise & Tool Works, have been succeeded by The Columbian Hardware Company.  The Trenton Vise & Tool Company was in existence since at least 1872 (may not be same Trenton?) We have not yet found the acquisition date but it is logical to assume Columbian was formed in 1901 as a new entity taking over the business of Van Wagoner & Williams / Trenton.  Van Wagoner & Williams existed from at least 10/1884 with William H. Williams President at that time at the age of 35.  This advertisement from 1907 notes that the vises being produced are still referred to as "Original Trenton."

Columbian Hardware Company - Notice of Incorporation in Ohio for 2/28/1901.
Columbian HW Co. was re-organized in May of 1913 by B. L. Parmenter (some resources say "H." L.), H. A. Beckett, P. A. White, L. C. Speith, and O. O. Vrooman (who I find was a lawyer and co-founder of 20+ companies beginning in the 190#s.) Taken over in receivership by L. A. Cobb in 11/1914.

A report dated 7/4/1926 says that Dan C. Swander and H. F. Seymour have taken over the vise and clamp manufacturing of The Columbian Hardware Company at Cleveland and will continue making these and additional items as The Columbian Vise & Clamp Manufacturing Company. By mid-1927 it was The Columbian Vise & Manufacturing Company.

It is very interesting to note here that in 1916 G. M. Yost filed a patent for a vise and assigned the patent to Columbian.  This advertisement verifies that indeed Mr. Yost was working for Columbian by 1916.

Patents assigned to the Columbian Hardware Co.

John Tramsak Patent #2,139,292 - Vise - Assigned to Columbian Vise & Manufacturing Co.

Vise Trademarks

  • Trenton (Vises & Vise Parts) (First Use 1/1885 "by it's predecessors")
  • Columbian (Stylized Font) (First Use Reported: 1890) Note: This is the logo used in the advertisement below in jjoslin's comment.

  • Columbian Vises (Graphic - Hand and Bar) (First Use Reported: 4/7/1967 - Filed by Warren)


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