Canedy-Otto Manufacturing Co.

Chicago Heights, IL - Incorporation notice in the 11/23/1892 edition of The Inter Ocean.  Capital Stock is $100,000 and the incorporators are G. Ide, Charles W. Vail, and Samuel A. Vermilyea.

In the June 24, 1882 edition of the Star Tribune (Minneapolis), notice of new equipment installation at the Minnesota Anvil & Iron Works. (see link at bottom) indicates that Mr. Canedy was the owner of the Minnesota Anvil & Iron Works and that he moved the company to Illinios and joined with Mr. William H. Edwards to form Canedy & Edwards in 1889. 

The Chicago Tribune announces in their 3/11/1890 edition that The Canedy Manufacturing Company at Downer's Grove has been incorporated with capital stock of $50,000.  Incorporators are: W. E. Canedy, W. H. Edwards and S. E. Vermilvea (Note spelling from above Canedy-Otto announcement, almost certainly the same person).

In 1890, The Champion Forge & Blower Co. suid Mssrs. Canedy, W. Elliot and Edwards for patent infringement on Patent #277,487.  In July of 1893, Canedy countersued Champion for spreading false propaganda.

On July 23, 1892, The Chicago Tribune reports the signing of a large lease for a new building on Van Buren St. to move The Canedy Manufacturing Co. to Chicago Heights.

In October of 1893, Canedy-Otto increased it's labor force by 75 men.  In 1896, they added another 60 men.

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