Blue Points / Blue Point Double open end standard wrenches

Blue Points / Blue Point standard double open end wrenches show up in the 25 Blue Points cat, and were probably made thru about 1931, then the name would have changed to Blue Point. The Blue Point wrenches are last seen in the 42 cat.. These are a nightmare to collect, first there are 24 different model numbers, there a several different types (some shown in the pictures below), and the year with the most model numbers was 1931. I have not been a avid collector of the Blue Point models, have tried to get most of the Blue Points, the inset logo one's are hard to find (there are several types of these)
I have made a chart that shows all the model numbers made, and what year cats they show up in.

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chart of models and years shown in the cats

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Top: Blue Points with stamping in the head only. Probably would date 22-26
Second: Stamping in the head and body. The Chicago name is to the right of the Blue Points name. This is different than the Tappet with the head/body stamps. So I am not sure which came first the Chicago on the right of the logo or Chicago below the logo. Would date about 26-29
Third: Stamping on the Body, Chicago on the right. Would date about 26-29
Fourth: Stamping on the body, Chicago Below. Would date about 26-29
So, why all the variations, different manufactures? different years, different lines. just not sure.

Image 2: 
Image 3 Description: 

Blue Points inset logo. Front and back.
Top: On the back model number and sizes are inset
Bottom: sizes are stamped.
These would probably date 29-31

Image 3: 
Image 4 Description: 

Blue Points inset front
Top: Size on front, model number on back
Middle: Model number on front, size on back
Bottom: Large Logo.
These probably would date 29-31

Image 4: 
Image 5 Description: 

Blue Point raised letters with arrows. These would probably date 30-32

Image 5: 
Image 6 Description: 

Blue Point raised letters no USA. Looks at all the different fonts. The middle one, the top of the hash mark between the name goes to the left. These would date probably 32-38. I think the large font is the early one, but not sure.

Image 6: 
Image 7 Description: 

Blue Point raised letters with USA. One the bottom one, the hash mark is missing. These would date 37-43. Both of these have 1941 date codes.

Image 7: