Blue Points / Blue Point "S" open end (Brake) wrenches.

This covers The Blue Points / Blue Point "S" wrenches, sometimes referred to as Lookheed Brake wrenches. Covers models No 51, 5116 thru 5120, and models 5216 thru 5230. The Blue Points no.51 shows up only in the 1928(E) cat, is thinner than the later models, the offsets are 45/30, opening is 5/8. The 29 cats shows three Blue Points models, 5116 5118 5120, they have the stamped logo with a 45/30 offset (these same model numbers are used in the offset socket wrenches in the 26-27 cats), also the 5116-20 models show up with the Blue Points inset logo.. The 31 cat shows three models with a 90/30 offset, model numbers have been changed to 5216, 5218, 5220. The were made with the Blue Points inset logo, and the Blue Point (double arrow) logo. The 32-33 cats show seven Blue Point models adding 5222-5230, have 90/30 offset.. The cats 34-42 only show three models 5216-5120, with a 45/30 offset.
All these changes made these hard to collect, but heck try the waterpump wrenches.

Image Description: 

Top: No. 51 5/8 opening Blue Points stamped logo. would date 1928
Second. 5120 Blue Points stamped would date 28-29
Third 5116 Blue Points inset logo, with 45/30 offset would probably date 29-30
Fourth 5220 Blue Points inset logo with 90/30 offset would probably date 30-31

Image 2 Description: 

Blue point 5222 and 5218 with raised logo and arrows with the logo, 90/30 offset probably date 30-32
Notice also that the model number has been changed to the back.

Image 2: 
Image 3 Description: 

top: Blue Point 5222, raised letters, 90/30 offset, no Made in USA. would probably date 32-33
second: Blue Point 5216 raised letters 45/30 offset no Made in USA would probably date 34-36
third: Blue Point 5220 raised letters 45/30 offset, Made in USA logo, would probably date 37-42

Image 3: