Blue Point / Blue Points Ignition wrenches

The first Blue Points ignition wrenches show up in the 1928 (E) catalog. They have a three or four digit model number with no alpha letters. There were two types, one with no offset on one end, and one with a 15 degree offset. I think the no offset was the early one. The cats show a set of eight, but the photos in the cats show a set of seven. Also many of the ones I have seen are a set of 10. The early Blue Points have a stamped name, the 29 cat show them with a inset name, but I have never seen one with a inset name. There are some Blue Points that are the (i)xxxx series, but they are very hard to find..
The 31-33 cats show Blue Point i series. The I series came with the Blue Point name stamped and raised. The Blue Point C series show up in the 34 cat and were made until the mid 50s, where the name goes to Snap on and the model numbers started with DS. Also the early C series would not have Made in USA name.

Image Description: 

Top two, Blue Points with no alpha letter in the model number, shows with the 15 degree offset and without. These would date 27-29
Bottom three. the i series, note the different stampings on the Blue Point one's. These would date about 1930-33

Image 2 Description: 

Top two, no Made in USA stamp. Raised letters. Would date mid 30's
Middle two, Made in USA Raised letters Would date late 30's to about mid 40's
Bottom. Made in USA, stamped letters, model number moved to back. Late 40's to mid 50's.

Image 2: 
Image 3 Description: 

A seven piece Blue Points set. No offset.

Image 3: 
Image 4 Description: 

A ten piece Blue Points no offset. Name Blue Point is very faint.

Image 4: 
Image 5 Description: 

A ten piece Blue Points with the offset.

Image 5: 
Image 6 Description: 

A Blue Point 10 piece. No USA. Cxxx series. would date mid 30's

Image 6: