Barrett Vise & Tool Co.

Meadville, PA. - In J. O. Barrett's obituary of 3/20/1926, the text states that he moved to Meadeville in 1882 and started the Barrett Vise and Tool Co. with his brothers Charles and William to manufacture boring machines of his design.  It further states that in 1906, J. O. took over the company along with his sons Frank N. and George W and renamed the firm to Barrett Machine Tool Co.

The 10/8/1913 edition of the Pittsburgh Gazzette Times announces the incorporation of the company with the founders being: J. O., C. J., F. N., and G. W. Barrett.  Start-up capital was $100,000.

Article from The American Engineer 11/1885 discussing the merits of the Barrett Vise, along with illustrations.

Article in The Iron Age of 11/1891 discussing and illustrating Barrett's boring machine.

Article in Machinery of 11/1900 discussing and illustrating Barrett's boring machine.

Interestingly, J. O. Barrett is also listed as the Superintendent of the Meadville Vise Co. in 1889. (reports of a grinding wheel exploding and crushing his upper and lower jaws).  J. O. Barrett also has patents assigned to the company in the 1880s and 90s.  Here is a patent for a "Holder for Lights" assigned to Meadville Vise Co.

The 11/1910 edition of The American Blacksmith & Motor Shop reports that the G. M. Yost Company as purchased the Meadville Vise Co.

J. O. Barrett Vise Patents from DATAMP

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