Blue Points Special wrenches.

There were Snap on specials, Blue Point box end specials, and Blue Points specials. Many being made at the same time. I am not sure why.

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Blue Points special Buick headlight adjustment wrench. 1930 Buick 40 and 50, 1931 Buick 60, 80 and 90. Model number S9872 opening 1-5/16. What is odd is that is a Blue Points with a mid to late 20's logo being made for 30s cars, also shows up in early 30s cats.

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Blue Points special brake eccentric wrenches. Have the inset logo, would date late 20's to early 30's. S9862 3/16 opening. S8754 with a 5/16 opening.

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Blue Points X20. This is such an odd one. Has the handle of the Snap on offset wrenches from the mid 20's. Has a Blue Point boxocket model number with the offset and box end of the early X models. opening is 5/8. I have seen a few of them, all had the 5/8 opening

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Blue Points S9819. Buick Special. Steering eccentric for 1937 models 80 and 90. Opening 1-7/8. This is another odd one. Only shows up in the 37 cat, for a 1937 Buick, but it is a Blue Points.

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Image 5 Description: 

Blue Points S9566. Special end wrench 1/2 x 3/4 opening for draw bolt on Chevrolet 1929-30, own brakes: brake rod adjustment on Hupmobile Steel Dralic; draw bolt n Pontiac 1927-28, own brakes: brake cable adjusting on Packard, all models with Bendix brakes.

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Blue Points S9569. Special thin end wrench, 5/8 both ends, for drawbolt lock nut, Chevrolet own brakes 1929-30. Graham Paige 612-615, Lockheed, all external brakes; also own brakes on Oakland 1924-28: Pontiac 1927-28
This is the exact same wrench as the Blue Points No. 51, just a different (corrected) model number.

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