Boker, H. & Co.

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While information is scarce on this company, there are several sources we can point to that provide accounts of their history.

Source 1: Knife Collector Forum - Individual source, unverified information.

Source 2: Boker Manufacturing website history page - German

In the late 1800's to 1900's, H. Boker & Co. purchased the Valley Forge Cuttlery factory in order to begin U.S. manufacture of pocket knives.  According to several accounts, up until this time the majority of Boker's business was through import and resale operations.  However, the import duty during that time was 90% and made the import of such goods nearly impossible.  Here is a link to a nice article on the production of knives at the Valley Forge Cuttlery factory

This search result from a 1914-1915 Dept. of Commerce report on U.S. trade with the world illustrates the vast quantity and range of goods made by Boker of Germany and imported into the U.S. by H. Boker & Sons.  This list also represents our first noting of pliers from H. Boker.

The January, 1920 edition of Hardware Dealers Magazine reports the construction of a huge new manufacturing facility in Hilton, NJ.  The article notes that the factory will consolidate the manufacturing the following subsidiaries: Scissor factory in Newark, NJ; C. H. Redman & Co., also of Newark producing clippers, pruners and shears; Boker Cutlery & Hardware Co. operating in Brooklyn producing high speed bridged reamers.

In December of 1914, H. Boker & Co. registered in New York State as an official business entity, noting a capital stock of $500,000.  New York business registration.  The business record indicates the company was dissolved on July 2, 2004.

According to our first unconfirmed reference above, the following are Boker acquisitions:

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