Blue Points / Blue Point Punch and Chisel Sets

The first Blue Points Punch and Chisel sets are sort of a murder mystery. They are stamped "Milwaukee Blue Points". So, did Milwaukee Tools and Forge make these under their name and Motor Tool Specialty were the exclusive distributors, or Blue Point have them made for them. Either way has a, but, to it. Not sure if we will ever know.
These probably were first made in about 23-24 as Milwaukee Blue Points, the 1925 Blue Points Mechanics cat shows them as Blue Points Chicago. Sometimes in the early 30's the name was changed to Blue Point, and again in the 50's the name was changed to Snap on.
Below are some of the sets with different bags.

Image Description: 

Milwaukee Blue Points set, probably from early 20's

Image 2 Description: 

Blue Points Chicago set, probably from late 20's to early 30's. A few of them have model numbers, like 610

Image 2: 
Image 3 Description: 

Detail of the stamping on the above two.

Image 3: 
Image 4 Description: 

Blue Point set. Bag has Blue Point Chicago, tools just have Blue Point. Model number are like V-405. Hard to date this, but probably very early 30's.

Image 4: 
Image 5 Description: 

This is a just Blue Point set. Model numbers are SVP. Date codes are late 30's. They do not have made in USA stamp, odd for late 30's tools.

Image 5: 
Image 6 Description: 

Blue Point set, still has the black bag. Model numbers are "S" Have made in USA stamp, one has what looks like a 41 code.

Image 6: 
Image 7 Description: 

Blue Point. SVP models. Black bag, but logo has changed. no date codes, would probably date early to mid 40's. Have made in USA stamps.

Image 7: 
Image 8 Description: 

Blue Point. SVP models. Bag has changed to a maroon color. Date codes are late 40's.
I think the red bags came in during the swap to the Snap on name in the mid 50's, but not sure.

Image 8: