Examples: WF-97 through WF-104

Image Description: 

WF-97 Open Ignition Wrench 15/64" both ends

Image 2 Description: 

WF-98 Open Ignition Wrench 1/4" both ends

Image 3 Description: 

WF-99 Open Ignition Wrench 5/16" both ends.

Image 4 Description: 

WF-100 Open ignition Wrench 11/32" both ends

Image 4: 
Image 5 Description: 

WF-101 Open Ignition Wrench 3/8" both ends

Image 6 Description: 

WF-102 Open Ignition Wrench 7/16" both ends

Image 7 Description: 

WF-103 Open Ignition Wrench 1/2" both ends

Image 7: 
Image 8 Description: 

WF-104 3/4” line wrench


Found a wrench today - snagged it for a picture for the site here.

Has what looks like a "Q" subscript following the 103.

Image 2: 
Image 3: 

11/32" Nice on fan motor work!