Blue Point / Blue Points Long handle single end tappet wrenches

Blue Points Long handle tappet wrenches show up in the 8/29 cat. Three regular models. LT16, LT18, LT20. Also three Special Dodge Tappet wrenches, one being a TSE1218. There is a TSE20 shown below, so they were probably made pre 29. Sometimes in the 30's the name was changed to Blue Point. It seems that Blue Point Tappet wrenches were made until sometimes in the 1950's. Several different model numbers. LT, TSE, XL, CT were some. There were also some specials with the model numbers like Sxxxx.

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Blue Points L20, L18, L16, TSE 20

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A couple of Blue Point Long single end tappet wrenches. LT16 (1937 code) LT 21

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Blue Points S9865 9/16 and S9865 1/2. Would probably date mid to late 20's. I do not know what special they were made for. It is odd that these model numbers show up again on some Blue Point wrenches from the 30's, that are completely different from these. There are a lot of specials made that do not show up in the cats.