Auto Kit / Auto-Kit

Two styles of Auto Kit/Auto-Kit tools are shown.
There is a world of difference between the Auto Kit tool and the Auto-Kit tool. Are these different manufacturers?

If anyone has information on this manufacturer or manufacturers, please post the details.

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Auto Kit Double Open End wrench.

The DOE wrench is very high quality and a capable tool. The finish is unplated steel. This wrench is scarce compared to the second example.

Image 2 Description: 

Auto-Kit Combo Wrench.

The Auto-Kit combo wrench is much lighter and was certainly intended for occasional use. This wrench has a chrome finish, and the flashing is still visible. These wrenches were sold in sets that were held together by a bolt and nut that went through the center hole.

Image 2: 


Both the DOE and Nested Open End\Box End were mfd. by J. P. Danielson Co. More info here There also is a patent for the holder that held the nested wrenches together

While those posted are jp danielson, the combination style was produced by indestro and barcalo as well.

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Thanks for the info bill300d and krusty! It's interesting to note that the DOE wrench does not have a dash between "Auto" and "Kit", while all of the wrenches at AA have the dash.