Fulton Machine & Vise Company

Lowelville, NY - Organized by Edwin W. Fulton in 1905 to produce Hiram Edward Reed's patented vise design, Patent 752260The December 1906 edition of The Iron Trade Review reports the transition.

On 5/19/1907 the factory burned to the ground.  Damages were widely reported at $250,000.  More reasonably, reports from the following days indicate the loss was $25,000.

This snippet from 1916 notes that G. S. Knowlton was elected president of Fulton Vise & Machine Company of Loweville.

In 1920 (see reference: Automobile Trade Directory, Volume 18 of 1920), Fulton produces the F&R, Star, and Peerless Machinist vise models.

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Edwin W. Fulton attended the Carthage public schools, and as a young man learned the trade of machinist with Ryther & Pringle. He was connected with their foundries for a period of seven years and in 1896 entered the employ of Bagley & Sewall, manufacturers of paper machinery, at Watertown. In June, 1905, Mr. Fulton went to Lowville, N. Y., and organized. the Fulton Machine & Vise Company, buying out the interests of Lafayette Wetmore. The entire plant was destroyed by fire in May, 1907, with a loss of $22,000, but was soon rebuilt, business being resumed in October of the same year. At that time the capital was increased from $30,000 to $50,000, and Mr. Fulton continued there until 1924, at which time he disposed of the business and came to Oswego with the Oswego Tool Company as manager. In August, 1930, a new corporation was formed and known as the International Nutyp Tool Corporation, with Mr. Fulton as president and general manager.

The above quote mentions the interests of Mr. Lafayette Wetmore having been purchased by Mr. Fulton.  Mr. Wetmore's obituary notes many business ventures and we note 2 in Lowville which could have been the business referred to above.  The Nevin Iron Works (advertisement example here), and the Sheeley Shop seem to be the most likely candidates.  The History of Nevin Iron Works can be read in "Lowville, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow."  Nevin took over the Loweville Iron Works.

In 1924, at the departure of Mr. Fulton, the company was succeeded by the Lowville Machine & Vise Co. (L. M. & V. Co.), which survived until it's purchase in 1929 by The American Chain Company of Bridgeport.

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Trade Names and Brands from Trade Magazines:

  • F & R (Machinist)
  • Peerless (Machinist)
  • Star (Machinist)
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Hiram Reed's Vise - Article from Iron Age, Volume 79 dated January 17, 1907.



Fulton takes over Reed Patent vise.  This is the origin of the Owsego/Fulton/NuTyp rotating vise.