Advertising Metal Display Company

We are not yet sure when Advertising Metal Display Co (AMDC) was founded.  The earliest reference we find is a patent filing for a display board by H. H. Krueger and assigned to AMDC.  The patent was filed on 10/2/1933 and awarded on 4/16/1935.  H. H. Krueger is listed as President of AMDC from 1937 through his death in the mid-1950's, at 60 years old.

On 10/24/1958 AMDC filed for a Trademark on the term "Rem Line."  Trademark RN#1681316 was granted on 7/7/1959.  These TM records also show that AMDC changed their name to AMD Industries, Inc. on 7/29/1982.  It was further transferred to Remline Tool Storage Co. in 1987.  For some time between about 1992 and 2001 the trademark appears to have been owned by T and D Metal Products.  The trademark appears to have been renewed by Remline Industries in 2010.

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This is an example of an AMDC Tool Chest, branded Craftsman, from 1956. The black circle indicates where to find the date inside the drawer, and usually upside-down.

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AMDC Plate with '56 date.

Image 2: 
Image 3 Description: 

Handles on AMDC produced Tool Chests in 1956

Image 3: