Blue Point Chrome Combination Wrenches

This is a try at dating these, many have no date code. Any help would be appreciated. The oex BP wrenches first show up in the 34 cat, they are shown in the 48 cat, but I have not seen one with a 48 code. Other years with no date codes stamped that I have not seen, 34, 35, 36, 40, 43, 44, 45.. I think the war finish raised letter oex's are 43-45. Its odd that no 44-45 codes have shown up on the oex wrenches since you see so many 44 45 codes on other BP wrenches. So if you have any of these no shows, please post a pic. This is what the cats list as years made. for the short pattern 120-240. 140-220 (34-48) 240 (35KS-48) 120 (36-48) long pattern 16-20 (34-48) 22-24 (35KS-48) 26,28.30,32 (36-48) 29 (39-46) (the 29 is rare) 34,36,40 (39-48) 14 (41-48)

Photos. Examples (1A-1E) do not have (made in USA) stamped on them the size is stamped in the shaft, Blue PoinT is in blocked letters. 1A and 1B model number reads -OEX-xx- , these have three - dashes, I think these are the early ones. the 1B has a date code but it is probably a later add on. no. 1C reads OEX-xx- two dashes. 1D, 1E no dashes, 1D has a date code. I think examples 1 would date 34-39.
Examples (2a-2D) have made in USA stamps. same block lettering. 2A has size in handle, 2B,C, D the size is now in the head. 2c has a 42 code on back side head. 2D has the made in USA stamped in rear side on the handle and the logo has a - (oex-34) I think examples 2 would date about 38-42.
Examples 3a and 3b. I have no clue. they are odd balls. they both have made in USA and blocked letters. 3a has the size in the handle and no date code. 3b has a oversize size stamped in the head. no date code.
Examples (4a-4d) these have 46 and 47 date codes. (one on front, two on back shaft, one on back head) (have made in USA on back) (the logo is no longer a block style) the size is sometimes on the handle, sometimes on the head). I am not sure why all these are different. maybe diff mfg maybe just diff lines.
If anyone have more info are diff types, or diff opinions please post. The above is just a guess, and we may never find out the exact protocol.

The sixth photo is a oex-190 19/32 not listed in the cats.

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