Unknown "Bonneys" Tool ***Identified***

** No longer a Mystery tool. This Hollow Auger tool can be found under the "Pre Date Code" Bonney Hand tools. Patented by C.S. Bonney but manufactured by Lloyd, Supplee & Walton.

This tool was purchased from eBay due to the odd "Bonneys" stamp, with the S at the end. Anyone with insight into this tool would be most helpful! Please register / sign in to comment on this Bonney"s" oddball!

Image Description: 

The top fits into a brace.

Image 2 Description: 

There is a blade that slides in from the side, and is very sharp.

Image 2: 
Image 3: 
Image 4 Description: 

Notice the stamp. Bonneys PA

Image 4: 
Image 5 Description: 

And finally on the business end, it appears that the blade seats at different depths depending on the diameter of the workpiece.

Image 5: