Timelines & Case Studies

We will post select Tool Manufacturing company historical timelines and specific case studies in this section. Each item on a timeline has a link. Please feel free to click the appropriate link and comment on the content. A count of existing comments will display on the timeline indicating there is a discussion occurring regarding the timeline item.

Currently, the following content is available: Timelines:

***NEW*** New Britain Machine Co. Timeline - *Work in Progress*

Bonney Wrench Review - Markings through time

 Who Made My Socket?

Plomb Letter Stamp Study

Tool Industry Significant Event Timeline

J. H. Williams Timeline

Blackhawk Company Timeline ***Work in Progress***

Husky Wrench Company Timeline ***Work in Progress***

The Bonney Company Timeline ***Work in Progress***

The Plomb/Proto Company Timeline

Historical Timeline of Armstrong Brothers Tool

The Craftsman OEM Timeline (Non-Modern Era)

The Nicholson Company Timeline

The Wiss & Sons Story and Timeline

The Walden Manufacturing Timeline


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