Leet Manufacturing Company // Leet, C. D.

Bridgeport, CT - Listed under Vise Manufacturers in the 1890 Railroad, Telegraph and Steamship Builders' Directory​​.  We assume this is the same C. D. Leet who got his start manufacturing firearms cartridges.  That enterprise was purchased by Winchester in about 1881.  Mr. Leet had numerous patents beginning in the 1860s.

Here is an article from the Boston Mechanics Exhibition of 1884 about Mr. Leet's Vise. 

Here is another article with illustrations from the May 15, 1885 Journal of Railway Appliances.  (Picture below)

William H. Northall Patent #298225 - Bench Vise - Assigned to C. S. Leet. (Below Vise Picture)

William H. Northall Patent #292135 - Sliding Jaw Vise - Assigned to C. S. Leet