Service Engineering Company

Boston, MA - According to the 12/29/1921 edition of Iron Age, incorporated in late 1921 at 568 East First Street by Arthur L. Lewis - Pres., Carroll W. Prochaska - VP, and Frederick J. Shepard - Treas. 

Mr. Lewis is listed as President of the Worcester Steel Products Co. (Taps & Dies) in the 1923 Worcester Directory.  Worcester Steel Products was incorporated in 1919 by Mr. Lewis to make taps, dies, reamers and other cutting tools.  The company took over the Henry L. Hanson (carpenter's tools) manufacturing facility.  The company ceases advertising ca. 1923 and Mr. Lewis is President of the Lewis-Shepard Co. in 1924.

Mr. Shepard was also Treasurer and Chief Engineer of the Lewis-Shepard Co. (since 1915) (latest advertisements found to 1930) and Dir. of the Lewis-Shepard Platform Corp. according to the 1922 Who's Who in Engineering.

Mr. Prochaska was formerly with the Norwalk Ignition Co. (1919) and prior to that, the Malleable Iron Fitting Co.  Prior to that, he was President of the Whalen Engineering Co. of New York, and Sales Manager for the Holt-Welles Co. in NYC.  The earliest mention of him is as co-founder of Allen Iron & Steel Co. in Philadelphia ca. 1915.  In 1938 he started and was President of the Manbar Company of Norwich, CT.

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Advertisement from a 1922 Auto Trade Journal  Note that this item has been seen on eBay 6/8/2018.