Verona Tool Works (of Metcalf, Paul & Co.)

Verona Tool Works (of Metcalf, Paul & Company) (Pittsburg, PA) - This article from the 1879/1880 edition of Industries of Pennsylvania gives a nice history of the company and it's principals, along with noting the company "in it's present form" was established in 1873 by O. Metcalf and J. W. Paul.  This phraseology suggests the company existed under a different name prior to 1873. 

In 1881 the factory was destroyed by fire.

In December of 1892 Mr. Metcalf removed himself from the business and it continued with the remaining members as Verona Tool Works.

In 1896, H. S. Paul is president.

Trade Names, Brands & Trademarks:

  • Stylized VTW (Wrenches and many other products) (First Use 1872)