Q. M. S. Company

Q. M. S. Company (Plainfield, NJ) - The Quincy-Manchester-Sargent Company, preferred as "Q. M. S. Co." was

Charles F. Quincy, Percival Manchester, George H. Sargent

Research Notes:

2/1903 edition of The Automotor Journal carries a small write-up of the "Contal Auto-Cle" wrenches made by The Electromobile Company (England).

This 2/1905 article from The Automobile notes that the Railway Appliance Company has secured U. S. Patent manufacturing rights for the French Auto-Cle wrench.

This snippet from a 1905 edition of Motor World shows that the Auto-Cle wrench was apparently first marketed by the Railway Appliance Co.

2/23/1906 Railway Age carries the company formation announcement.  The article notes that it is a result of the acquisition of the Railway Appliances Company, Q. & C. Company, Pendrick & Ayer Company, Bryant Metal Sawing Machine Company, Q. & C. Pneumatic Tool Company, and Aper Manufacturing Company.  This article provides a very nice history of the 3 men and their previous businesses, most of which are consilidated into the Q. M. S. Co.

4/18/1908 edition of Railway and Engineering Review notes that Q. M. S. Co. had acquired Pendrick & Ayer

1/1909 Cycle & Automotive Trade Journal notes that the Frank Mossberg company will take over marketing of the Auto Cle, manufactured by the Quincy, Manchester, Sargent Company.  This article also introduces the "Titus Cle" which is a folding socket wrench.

12/30/1909 Motor Age - Still marketing the Auto Cle by Q. M. S. Co.

A newspaper want ad from May, 1911 requests 2 painters at Q. M. S. Co's new building.

A newspaper article from 1913 notes the Q. M. S. Co. (formerly of Bridgewater, NJ) is exhibiting in Chicago

A newspaper article from 9/1917 notes that the property was occupied by Pendrick and Ayer and Q. M. S. Co. in Plainfield.  At this time, it is owned by the International Motor Company (Mr. Ayer)

Patent 897,772 - Eben R. Packer - Ratchet Tool - Assigned to Quincy, Manchester, Sargent Co.