Snap on No. HD7 with a 3/4 plug

Snap on  Model number HD7 with a 3/4 plug. (not stamped on ratchet). Has Factory hanger hole .Has a 31 code.   Both sides read the same.  Snap/On Patent Applied For Manufactured by Snap/On wrench co. Milwaukee USA. The Patent Applied for is not on earlier versions.   Another change is that  the width of the inset is smaller, putting more total steel in the handle.   This one has  on/off lettering.  .  Note the 5/8 and 7/8 drive rat is the same one, but with a different plug.

Drive Size: 
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Ratchet Manufacturer: 
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Production Begin Year: 
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Ratchet Overall Length: 
Full Ratchet-Drive Side: 
Drive Side Stampings: 
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