Baker Pat. date

I'm guessing this was made by Bonney.
No identification marks as can be seen or known by me.
Patent date matches one to a J.G. Baker who along with
friends reads as a who's who of Phila. tool history.
First pass at search shows no images and none known to be produced.
Second pass at search brought up USPO with a revision and 2 pictures
Still no model #
These #s are on the anvil
#? 2 1/2
2.38 lbs
opens 2"
1 7/8 jaws

Vise Model Name: 
Vise Use Classification: 
Model Number: 
Jaw Width (Inches): 
Vise Jaw Max Opening (inches): 
Vise Length (Inches): 
Vise Jaw Bolts: 
Vise Picture - Side View Left: 
Vise Picture - Side View Right: 
Vise Weight (LBS):