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We have begun the monumental task of documenting every trademark that pertains to tools.  Please bear with us as it takes a very long time to get through each year, line-by-line.


The USPTO began accepting submission for trademarks in 1870, and that is where we started.  We have the complete list of all trademarks from 1870 to present, apart from 1874.  We started with 1870 and are working our way up.  The TM Browser and sub-menus (on the right menu in the TM Browser) will each document our up-to-date progress.  We are capturing the trademark images for files, punches, wrenches, saws, planes, anvils, shovels, rakes, metal/wood working machinery and tooling, guns, knives, and any other product that could be tool related.  We are not capturing trademarks for heavy machinery such as tractors, reapers, plows, etc.  Please note that for things like "Cutlery," we have been documenting trademarks only when the product list includes "pocket cutlery" (knives) or other knives not exclusively used at the kitchen table.

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