Parker, Charles Co.

The Charles Parker Company (1832-) was formed in Meriden, Connecticut by Charles Parker, and over the years manufactured products including metalware, Art Brass (now in museums), hardware, lamps, spectacles, and piano stools. Also related to the company were others founded by Charles Parker: including Parker Brothers (gun manufacturer), Meriden Curtain Fixture Co. (established 1869), and Parker & Whipple Co. clock manufacturers.

As of 1868, Charles Parker Company and related initiatives were described as comprising "four large manufactories, located at different places in Meriden and its vicinity, and some of them comprise so many departments for the manufacture of distinct articles that they might be regarded as several distinct establishments." The main factory, consisting of numerous buildings, was estimated to cover two acres in the center of Meriden.   As of 1895, this company is referred to as "the largest establishment of the kind in the world"

The history of the Chas. Parker Co. is best described in the book A History of American Manufacturers from 1608 to 1860, beginning on page 424.

Biography of Chas Parker, see Page 608

Another excellent biography for Charles Parker, Page 764, from 1911.

Google Patents for Charles Parker (Full text search for "Charles Parker")

DATAMP Patents for Charles Parker Co. Assigned

Patents not in DATAMP:

John L. Isbell Patent #128,045 - Vise Screw Design, assigned to Charles Parker Co.

Charles L. Kingsley Patent #71,498 - Bench Vise, assigned to Charles Parker Co.

H. K. and T. W. Porter Patent #72,327 - Vise Handle, unassigned but found on a Parker vise shown in post #54895 on Garage Journal.

Charles L. Kingsley Patent #161,241 - Improvement in Vises, assigned to Charles Parker Co.

Stephen Olin Parker Patent #236,451 - Saw Vise, assigned to Charles Parker Co.

Stephen Olin Parker Patent #319,743 - Bench Vise, assigned to Charles Parker Co.

Eli M. Walker Patent #903,345 - Bench Vise, assigned to Charles Parker Co.

Trade Names & Brands from Trade Publications

  • Davenport
  • Parker (Machinist, Pipe, Swivel, Woodworkers)
  • Parker's (Bench & Pipe, Toolmakers)
  • Parker's Vulcan (Bench)
  • Victor

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From June 1922 Pacific Ports.



Found an Aluminun Chas Parker 973A Vise.   Is it a sales sample?   Or designed to be used in a special environment?   Thanks for any feed back 

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