Trimont Manufacturing Company

Trimont Manufacturing Company (Portland, ME / Roxbury, MA) - Probably founded in 1889 based on Patent Assignments.  The principal inventors for Trimont were Edward O. Ely and John H. Vinton.  During the 1880s and 1890s, these two gentlement were not solely inventing wrenches.  There are scores of patents for "button fastening machines" during this timeframe, all assigned to the Peninsular Novelty Company, early on located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, then the Heaton-Peninsular Button Fastener Company in Providence, RI in the early 1890s.  Research Continues.

Trade Names, Brands & Trademarks:

  • SANDO - Block Letters (Wrenches) (First Use 11/7/1928)
  • ROXBY - Block Letters (Pipe, Monkey & Chain Wrenches, Pipe Cutters and Pipe Vises) (First Use 1/15/1925)
  • TRIMO - Block Letters (Monkey, Pipe & Chain Wrenches, Pipe Cutters and Pipe Vises) (First Use 1894 // First Use on Pipe Vises January, 1924)
  • Earlier TRIMO TM - Block Letters (Monkey & Pipe Wrenches) (First Use 1894)
  • Trimont Wrench - Printed on Labels & Packages (Wrenches) (First Use 11/30/1934)

DATAMP Patents related to Trimont

Patents Discovered not in DATAMP

Richard J. Dearborn Patent #480,175 - Screw Threading Die - Assigned 1/2 to Trimont

Early in his career, John H. Vinton appears to have been inventing for Frank Armstrong.  in 1879, he invented a Pipe Wrench (DATAMP link) and assigned the patent to F. Armstrong.

The following tool related inventions by John H. Vinton are not in DATAMP:

In 1878 he had Patent #208,870 - Screw Cutting Die assigned to F. Armstrong.

In 1879 he had a reissue #8,910 for a screw cutting die, and Patent #212,413 for a Lathe Chuck, both assigned to F. Armstrong.

In 1880 he assigned Patent #233,821 - Machine for cutting screw threads to F. Armstrong.

In 1882 he assigned Patent #263,001 - Machine for cutting screw threads to F. Armstrong.

These patents from 1884 and 1888 respectively "could be" relevant to Trimont, or perhaps a predecessor company:

John H. Vinton Patent #295,694 - Ratchet Drill - Assigned to Ashcroft Manufacturing Company of Boston (We've found Ashcroft as early as 1878 manufacturing gauges & indicators)

John H. Vinton Patent #378,944 - Friction Drill - Assigned 1/3 each to Edward O. Ely (Boston) and George E. Parker (Chelsea, MA)


Image Description: 

Tomahawk DOE wrench. The finish is unplated steel.