Bonney Pre-Date Code Tools

This section will present examples of Bonney Forge & Tool products that predate their date code system (Pre-1921).

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This Alligator style wrench appears in the 1886 Bonney Vise & Tool catalog, and is referred to as the "Always Ready Wrench." Reference Page 19 of the 1886 Catalog. This wrench still appears in catalogs as late as 1919, see page 44 of the 1919 catalog.

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The "Bonneys" Hollow Auger. In 1877, C.S. Bonney patented an improved Hollow Auger, whose manufacturer is also unknown to DATAMP but whose assignee is Lloyd, Supplee & Walton of Philadelphia, PA. According to the website Yesteryears Tools, Lloyd, Supplee & Walton existed from 1867 to 1889. Yesteryear's Tools also notes that Lloyd, Supplee & Walton produced the Bonney patented Hollow Auger. This is the first patent granted to C.S. Bonney with an identified assignee.

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This write-up on the Hollow Auger is from Hardware - Volume 21 - 1900.

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