Reed Manufacturing Co.

Erie, PA - Here is a link to Reed's history page.  According to the company's page, Reed was started in 1896 by Carl Reed, and acquired by Reuben Wright in 1902.  The Wright family still runs the company, 5 generations later.

This excerpt from A Twentieth Century History of Erie County Pennsylvania (1909) notes the company charter in 1899 and reorganized by the Wright(s) in 1902.

Google Patents for Frank W. Hubbard (Reed Employee, both assigned to Reed Mfg. Co.)

DATAMP Patents Assigned to Reed Manufacturing Co.

This vise, Albert Katski Patent #633,286 - Vise may have been produced by Reed.  Katski had other unassigned patents produced by Reed.

Vise Trademarks

  • Reed (Stylized, connected underline between R and D) (First Use Reported: 1903)

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