Vandegrift Manufacturing Company

​Vandegrift Wrench Company (Shelbyville, IN) This company was incorporated 12/30/1899.  Directors at incorporation included Henry E. Schortemeier, Edward E. Elliott, John Gordon, John C. Edwards, and Samuel J. Carpenter.  ca. 1904 (factory destroyed by fire in 10/30/1904).  On 3/13/1908, local papers announce the change of name from the Vandegrift Manufacturing Company (Shelby County, IN) to the Monte Wrench Company.

An interesting article appearing in the 3/12/1908 edition of The Monroeville Breeze (Monroeville, IN) chronicles the inventions of T. F. Vandegrift.  Among the multitude of inventions credited to Mr. Vandegrift, the article notes he is "the inventor of nine wrenches."  DATAMP lists only 5 wrench patents and we have yet to uncover the other 4.